Preparing for Associate Evaluations Like a Business Person

Preparing for Associate Evaluations Like a Business Person.  photo
Don't leave your associate written evaluation or meeting to chance. Invest in your practice and work with Lawyer Coach Paulette to set yourself apart in the process and feel good about the outcome. 

This package includes:

  • 12 Professionalism Hours accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada, so you don't need to get CPD hours elsewhere for the year!
  • Developing your brand after an assessment of your personal values and strengths, and understanding how that brand shows up at work and with your clients
  • Identifying your true goals, and mapping out the best ways of getting there with your very own "2017 Career Planner Workbook for the 21st Century Lawyer"
  • Gathering your achievements year-round so you can promote yourself with class by using "The Associate's Guide to Creating a Portfolio of Accomplishments"
  • Designing an effective approach for any setbacks you've had, and learning to accept counsel from your peers with courage
  • Tracking your progress with regular progress requests using a state-of-the-art CRM system  
  • 13 one-hour workshops (by telephone or in-person) over the course of one year and unlimited email access between each workshop.
$300 + HST per month (12 months)

I would like share my deep thanks for Paulette and her amazing work that she has done with me in the last few months.  My firm hired her to assist with improving client retention rates and understanding possible causes and come up with solutions.  Paulette was insightful, thought outside the box and provided a holistic approach to the obstacles at hand.  Her ideas were not cookie-cutter but rather a blend of her own knowledge, experience as a lawyer herself and refreshing imagination.  The results that occurred after completing the journey with Paulette were off the charts.  I still use the methodology that I incorporated with Paulette and it is helpful in so many ways. I strongly endorse Paulette to anyone looking to reassess their law practice and find ways to overcome obstacles and deepen their understanding of how their practice can be improved. Paulette, you exceeded all expectations and I wish you strength and success to be able to help more lawyers and professionals as you helped me. end-quote

- DF

What work would
          make me happy?
How do I find work
    in a tough market?
I finished my articles
          - now what?
How do I excel
                 at my job?
What is my
     personal brand?
How do I prepare
      for a maternity
How do I better
  manage workplace